Opening Keynote


Design - Eco-Village Approach"
Anders Georg Nyquist, architect SAR/MSA.
Born 1938 in Sundsvall, Sweden.

I am living in Njurunda in the northern part of Sweden close to the Arctic Circle. I have been working as an architect since 1962 as designer, planner, contractor, teacher and school-master. I have even been managing director for a local architect office with 90 employees. Since 1991 I have my own architects office together with my wife Ingrid and in collaboration with our daughter Karin.

Our office is involved in physical planning, design, system design, project management, research, development work, teaching and instruction. We are always working in a holistic way. We want to follow the projects from the first ideas to maintenance phase. Our projects are based upon system design.

Our specialties are:
• healthy buildings,
• resource economizing in buildings,
• sustainable, green buildings and
• green planning.

I can show that it is possible to build eco-cycle-adapted houses - sustainable houses - and I can prove that it is cheap to live in a green building.

Our office works:
• in close connection with our clients,
• close to the building sites,
• from early stages to maintenance and
• in close connection with other firms of consultants in order to offer high competence and advanced resources.

When I start a new project with new clients I always arrange an education for all those who are involved in the project. We even propose during the erection phase an education for all workmen on the site and those who shall work or live in the building. During these educations we discuss three main questions:
• Why must we change our way of living?
• What can we learn from other projects?
• How can we transfer this knowledge and experience to new projects?